Dowel Bar Retrofit

Concrete Pavement Preservation

Dowel Bar Retrofit (DBR) is a proven preservation practice used to improve load transfer and reduce joint deterioration which will extend the life of your concrete pavement.

Dowel bar retrofit may be used to retrofit a load transfer system when an inadequate system exists. Many old pavements were built without steel load transfer systems, where the only load transfer is by means of aggregate interlock. With the action of traffic over time, the aggregate interlock wears out so the load transfer diminishes and faulting occurs. Dowel bar retrofit is most feasible on pavements with poor load transfer systems but with little degradation of the underlying layers or voids beneath the joint. After retrofitting, the slab is usually ground to give a good ride. 

Estimated Service Life: 10 - 20 Years

Retrofitting PCC Pavement with Dowel Bars

This video details demonstrates the installation of load transfer devices (dowel bars or rebars) across pavement joints and mid-panel cracks..


Dowel Bar Retrofit Webinar

Proper Construction Techniques for Dowel Bar Retrofit (DBR) and Cross-Stitching