MAY 2023

Compressive strength test results are crucial for concrete producers to uphold quality control, assess product performance, comply with standards, optimize mix designs and ensure customer satisfaction.

Sharing test results is required as per CSA A23.2-25C Section 6 Reporting which states that, unless otherwise agreed, test results shall be provided to the concrete supplier within five working days of completion of the test. Both field and laboratory test reports shall include all information required by the applicable test methods of CSA A23.2. The Association cannot stress this clause enough, as it allows the concrete producer to evaluate the performance of their raw materials in real time and allows them to make mix design adjustments to guarantee satisfactory concrete performance. Keeping the concrete producer up to date with the latest results allows them to identify trends and take proactive measures to ensure product consistency, performance and sustainability.

It is therefore critical that all tests results are shared with the concrete producer whenever concrete is tested onsite. Testing data should be made available to the concrete supplier as soon as possible to allow them to evaluate the overall performance of the concrete and take corrective action if necessary.


To help concrete producers in Alberta obtain current testing data, Concrete Alberta has developed a Compressive Strength Test Results Release Form, which has been updated to reflect the requirements of CSA A23.2-25C.

  • The form allows members to specify company representatives to whom the test results should be sent, by simply providing their name, company, and contact information in a table at the bottom of the page.
  • The completed form can be sent along with the mix design submissions to the contractor and the testing labs.
  • This initiative is intended to simplify and clarify the process of sharing of test result data, allowing producers, contractors and testing labs to collaborate in an effort to evaluate the overall performance of ready mixed concrete delivered to the site.

If there any questions or concerns related to this initiative, please contact:
Paul Masson
Director of Technical Services & Training at Concrete Alberta