Concrete Recycling

Concrete recycling is a common practice in Alberta. Several of our Members offer concrete disposal or purchase of recycled material. Recycling or reusing concrete can be used on commercial, industrial or residential applications and can greatly reduce environmental impact.

Benefits of Recycling Concrete

Concrete already lasts decades longer then other building materials. However, if demolition is required, concrete can be recycled and reused on several applications further extending its sustainability.

Less Waste

Concrete that is recycled or reused stays out of landfills reducing the amount of non-biodegradable construction waste and stress on landfill resources.  

Environmentally Friendly

Requires less energy to produce than extracting and crushing natural material. 

Recycled concrete can be combined with other environmentally friendly materials, such as recycled tires and glass.  

Reduces Emissions

Using recycled concrete reduces the transport of resources to produce new concrete and the transport of new concrete to site cutting back on harmful emissions.

Low Carbon

Concrete boasts a low carbon footprint over its lifecycle and has no off-gassing.


Recycled concrete recovers raw materials in reusable quality reducing natural resource consumption. 

Cost Effective

Recycled concrete is less expensive than new material and cuts back on the the construction process saving time, resources and building costs.

Saves Resources

Concrete can be recycled and used on the same site it's being removed from. 

Creates Jobs

Recycling concrete requires manpower and thus, can create more jobs to stimulate the economy and industry.


Concrete aggregate can be used for a variety of applications including landscaping, sub-base materials for parking lots & driveways, foundations, sidewalks & walkways, repairing roadways, home improvement projects and so much more! 

Concrete Alberta Members Offering Concrete Recycling

Please contact the Concrete Alberta Members below for details on their recycling process, what products they accept and quotes as they do differ per location.

Member Location Phone
A & T Construction & Transit Mix Ltd. Lac La Biche, AB   780-623-4674
D & M Concrete Products Ltd. Lacombe, AB 403-782-2122
Lafarge Canada Inc. Brooks, AB 403-362-5255
Lafarge Canada Inc. Cypress County, AB 403-526-3337
Lafarge Canada Inc. Lethbridge, AB 403-332-6200
RCI (Park Paving Division)  Nisku, AB 780-435-8338
RCI (Park Paving Division) - 17 Street Edmonton, AB 780-435-8338
RCI (Park Paving Division) - 156 Street Edmonton, AB 780-435-8338
Vermilion Ready Mix Concrete Vermilion, AB 780-853-4818


For information on the disposal of concrete, product specifications and placing orders in other major Alberta cities visit:

City of Edmonton

City of Calgary