Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design

Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) is a point-based rating system that is internationally recognized in over 160 countries for green building practices. The Canada Green Building Council (CaGBC) and LEED Canada work together to facilitate sustainability in building practices.

A building requires a minimum of 26 LEED points for certification. The more sustainable products that are used to manufacture a building, the more points are earned. Silver, gold, and platinum certifications are also available for those who demonstrate exceptional building sustainability on their project.

Why Choose Concrete?

The use of concrete can help facilitate LEED Green Building certification in different ways. Various concrete mixes for a variety of functions qualify under Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) standards, earning a building points with each one used.

Key LEED Credits

Below are the main categories builders can comply with to earn LEED credits, and the total number of points available for each.

  • Sustainable Sites: 14 points
  • Water Efficiency: 5 points
  • Energy & Atmosphere: 17 points
  • Materials & Resources: 14 points
  • Indoor Environmental Quality: 15 points
  • Innovation & Design Process: 5 points

Cement & Concrete LEED Credits