Plant Certification

Concrete Alberta assists the Alberta concrete industry by providing Ready-Mixed Concrete Plant and Mobile Mixer Certification Programs that are designed to assure Owners and others that each Certified Production Facility has the "capability" of producing quality concrete as per Canadian Standards Association A23.1 – Concrete Materials and Methods of Concrete Construction, and A23.2 –Test Methods and Standard Practices for Concrete.

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Certified Concrete Production Facilities in Alberta   

Click the link below to view facilities that are Certified through Concrete Alberta.  Note, you must be a Member to have your Production Facilities certified through Concrete Alberta.

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Do You Know Why Certification is Important for Concrete Producers?

Concrete Alberta offers certification to its members that provides them with a whole host of benefits including:

  • A third-party validated audit of facilities, equipment, and materials once every 3 years for compliance with all relevant requirements in CSA standards that are further echoed and/or referenced in owner, municipal, provincial and national building codes and standards.
  • A certificate that provides project owners a quick reference that relevant historical field test data of proposed mixes in a project submittal generated from the time the plant has been certified have been produced using CSA compliant materials and equipment.
  • An annual prompt of the producer to ensure that all aspects of certification are maintained, and a renewal certificate issued that reassures everyone that someone has checked.
  • A comprehensive baseline reference to support a producer’s claim of supplying concrete to CSA and to other codes and standards that reference it.
  • An opportunity to develop personnel for future roles in your business.
  • A measured demonstration of commitment to a higher standard in the industry.

If a producer is claiming to supply concrete that meets industry referenced codes and standards, they need to maintain timely documented proof of doing so that can be verified at a moment’s notice. That commitment requires dedicated and knowledgeable resources and operators who thoroughly understand each equipment, material, production and delivery requirement stipulated under every code and standard reference in any project or supply agreement.

Concrete Alberta certification provides a baseline reference that is easy for even the smallest producer to maintain.

The once every three-year third-party audit/validation fee is a minor fraction of the cost of a producer’s obligation to maintaining facilities, equipment and materials to CSA and to any codes and standards that reference it.

You can do it all yourself, or you can build upon a solid foundation like Concrete Alberta’s plant and mobile mixer certification. It’s easier for owners and contractors to reference and easier for you as a concrete producer to provide demonstration of compliance, when asked for the documentation.

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