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Concrete Alberta represents over 90% of the concrete producers in Alberta, and is fully funded by the membership of Producers, Associates and Affiliates. With a membership of approximately 250 companies, Concrete Alberta is the recognized authoritative voice of the concrete industry in Alberta and has been servicing the industry since 1962. 


  1. Go to our Membership Directory, select two members with whom you do business, or whom you know well enough to request a recommendation.
  2. Secure a letter of recommendation from TWO current member businesses. Letters will attest to the fact that the current member knows you and/or your business and recommends you become a fellow member.
  3. Review the Code of Conduct that members are asked to agree to adhere to. 
  4. Click here to apply for membership, return to Concrete Alberta along with the two letters of recommendation.
  5. Your application will be presented to the Board of Directors for approval.
  6. Upon approval you will be contacted regarding invoicing for your membership.

NOTE: Memberships are ongoing once approved and members are governed by the Bylaws of the Association.

Membership Fees

Producer Member

Engaged in the business of production and sale of ready-mixed concrete:

  • Producer Fees: $594 per concrete plant/mobile mixer plus $48 per axle on ready mixed concrete trucks/mobile mixers per year 

Associate Member

Supplies the ready-mixed industry with a product or service:

  • General Associate Fees: $1,024 per year 
  • Major Supplier Associate Fees: $3,686 per year 
  • Cement Producer Associate Fees: $12,254 per year 

Affiliate Member

Connected with the ready-mixed concrete business as a sub-trade or user of concrete such as home builders, cribbers, placers, finisher and pumpers:

  • Affiliate Fees: $340 per year 

*Prices listed do not include GST.