Benefits of Concrete

Concrete Fundamentals

Concrete is the most used material after water and is the most used man-made product on the planet. 

Concrete lasts decades longer then other building materials and grows stronger over time. Concrete is the sustainable, resilient, versatile and safe building choice.

Made to Last

Concrete doesn't face the same challenges of other materials. It's resistant to fire, rotting and rust and can withstand even the harshest environments.


Low maintenance, sound insulating and a material that provides maximized energy efficiency via thermal mass, the efficiency of concrete also equals money savings. 


Concrete mixes can be developed to suit all conditions and building specifications in addition to aesthetic preferences like colour, patterns, and shapes.


Concrete is produced from locally available materials, makes use of industrial waste materials, is completely recyclable and has a long life span.

Energy Efficient

Concrete is naturally energy efficient and continually evolving to meet the demands of a low carbon, climate resilient future with reduced greenhouse gas emissions.

Environmentally Responsible

It's recyclable, boasts a low carbon footprint over its lifecycle and has no off-gassing.

The concrete industry is constantly innovating more resilient and lower carbon concrete products to help build more resilient and lower carbon communities. It’s our responsibility, our commitment and our passion to build for life.

Locally Produced

Concrete is typically produced within 160 kms of a project site, using local resources. This greatly reduces the environmental impact and emissions of shipping building materials long distances to the project site.

Sustainability in the Concrete Industry