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Did you know you have a partnership representing the cement, concrete and aggregates industry who, with one voice, collaborates with stakeholders and the government, collectively building a healthy, safe, resilient, sustainable and prosperous Alberta? It is called Concrete Wins Alberta and it is comprised of 8 associations, including Concrete Alberta.  These associations work together to support our industry and are a vital participant in Alberta's economy.

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Recruiting and Retention Winter Webinar Series

Recruitment and retention are commonly identified as the #1 challenge facing the building materials industry today.

The Alberta economy is moving in a positive direction, employment outlook remains strong, and the members of our Concrete Wins allied associations are predicted to see continued labour and talent shortages in certain areas of the industry across Canada.

Talent Tuesdays, a Recruiting and Retention Winter Webinar Series presented by Concrete Wins Alberta, was created to address these challenges. This series ran from November 2022 to February 2023 and was free for Canadian Concrete, Aggregate, Cement & Masonry Association Member Employees.

Review the webinar recaps below to learn about why it's equally as important to invest in your businesses' abilities to retain people as much as investing in your abilities to make and sell products. 

The cost of turnover isn't just about money spent on recruitment.  When an employee leaves, they take about 70% of their knowledge with them. 

The webinars bring relevant and valuable information for all members of Concrete Wins allied associations, regardless of employee numbers – from small business operations to corporate operations.




Mark Nesbitt, Nesbitt Training 
Certified Trainer & Keynote Speaker 

About Mark

Mark Nesbitt is an active member of the construction community. He brings 30 years of “boots on the ground” experience to the table. He's a firm believer that the key to success is through investing in your people and promoting quality leadership. For nearly a decade, Mark has worked with well over 100 companies to develop their leadership skills, helping them create an attractive workplace that retains their best people.

Webinar Recap

We rarely leave the company, we usually leave the leader. In this webinar, Mark covers how quality leadership attracts, and most importantly retains your best people. He's shares some simple, yet very “easy-to-apply” skills that have been proven to work with leaders around the world. “Everything rises and falls on leadership” — it’s the one thing we have any control over.


Website: www.nesbitttraining.ca

Webinar Recording



Josée Larocque-Patton, The HR ICU
CEO & Best-Selling Author

About Josée

Human Resources Expert specializing in HR emergencies, problem solving, crisis management and overall performance management. Josée began her HR career on the waters more than 18 years ago with Celebrity Cruise Lines, Disney Cruise Lines and eventually landing in the Bahamas. 

Works with mall and medium sized businesses in industries including construction, trades, Landscaping, not for profit, entertainment, health care and more in Canada and the US as their trusted HR advisor. Assisting with anything from M&A’s, hiring packages, policies and procedures, employee handbooks, health & safety, AODA, Covid-19 challenges, employee engagement, performance management and more. 

Josée published her first book called Navigating HR – Simple Tips for People Leaders which is available on Amazon. She is  also a Forbes Business Council Member and writes for Forbes online.

Webinar Recap

The pandemic has put a new twist on our workforce. What have you done as a business to differentiate yourself from the market? What tools have you provided to your leaders to help retain the talent you do have? Josée discusses ways to strengthen the relationships with your key players while still focusing on attracting new candidates in your market.


Navigating HR: Buy it on Amazon.ca

Website: www.thehricu.com

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Pamela Bragg, Sarkany Management 
Owner / Chief Consultant

About Pamela

Pamela Bragg is the Owner of Sarkany Management Inc., which provides strategic human resource approaches to some of Western Canada’s largest contracting, construction and transportation companies as a versatile executive with over 25 years strategic and operational management experience. As an International HR Director for a multinational construction materials company, she supported the cement, concrete, asphalt, pave and construction product lines in Canada and the US.

Pamela holds a Master’s Certificate in Strategic Human Resources & Organizational Change from Royal Roads, Certificates from Stanford in Diversity and Inclusion for Organizational Excellence and Corporate Governance from Wharton Executive School of Business.

Webinar Recap

Employee retention is one of the most talked about organizational challenges
facing our industry and it is anticipated to continue in the coming years. Employee retention is about much more than the foundational components of wages, hours and benefits. There are many other components that go into an employee’s decision to stay or leave. The supervisor–employee relationship has a powerful influence over that decision. Employers that systematically manage and strengthen the supervisor-employee relationship will stand a greater chance of managing through the labour shortages while retaining talent. Learn the supervisory skills needed to help you retain your talent and become an employer of choice.


Website: www.sarkanymanagement.com

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Paul Bury, Director of Transition Services
Helmets to Hardhats

About Paul

Major-General Paul Bury (retired) OMM CD, joined the Helmets to Hardhats team in 2019 after he transitioned to civilian life after 33 years of dedicated service in the Canadian Armed Forces. Appointed to predominately Reserve force positions, he commanded at all levels, both domestically and internationally. He retired upon the completion of his four-year appointment as Chief Reserves and Employer Support within Canada’s National Defence Headquarters.

As a Reserve Force member, Paul also held a civilian position with the Department of the Solicitor General, Government of Alberta, retiring as a senior manager in 2013. Due to the support and engagement of the Government of Alberta for the Reservists within its employ, Paul was able to effectively balance both demanding careers, receiving significant periods of military leave from his civilian employer and completing five operational deployments. Paul holds a Master’s degree in Criminal Justice Administration from Boston University and is a graduate of the Canadian Forces College, Advanced Military Studies Program.

Webinar Recap

You'll get a general introduction to Helmets to Hardhats (H2H) Canada and the value-added of the organization to the construction and related industries.


Register unions or associations and post job opportunities to the H2H Website: 

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Sydne Jacques, PE, CEO
Next Level Leadership

About Sydne

Sydne Jacques is a rare breed – a professional engineer and a certified professional speaker with roots as a farm girl from Montana. She is the founder of Next Level Leadership, where they focus on the “people-side” of construction by helping teams create cultures that result in higher levels of trust and more effective communication. Sydne has worked with over 550 different construction teams around the world and was was recently voted one of the “10 Coolest Entrepreneurs” by Utah Valley Business Magazine.  She is well qualified to help your leaders gain the mindset and the toolset to move to the next level.

Webinar Recap

Employees have more workforce and workplace options than ever before. Since one of your company’s biggest expenses is finding, training and retaining employees, employee turnover deeply affects your bottom line. It’s time for your company to be at the forefront of the Retention Revolution, where you will learn to reduce turnover, increase profits and create cultures where people want to stay.

Two of the most important factors to increase retention rates (and increase profits) are LEADERSHIP and CULTURE. Join Sydne for some actionable takeaways on how to improve both leadership and culture in your organization.


Website: www.sydnespeaks.com

LinkedIn: Connect with Sydne

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Anna Gordon MIRHR CHRL, Founder
Focused Ambition

Raji Ramanan, Adj. Faculty / Advisory Board
Georgetown University, Washington, DC

About The Panel

Anna Gordon has over a decade of experience in HR at large organizations and in private career coaching.  She helps companies identify strategic human resources challenges and implement real improvements from the employee to the organizational level.

Raji Ramanan is an award-winning and certified HR Executive and Leadership Coach.  She has 23 years of career experience across 17 countries, 4 continents, and multiple industries including concrete & construction, Raji is a sought-after Global Human Resources Expert in Organization, Talent & Leadership Development, Coaching & Career Development, Diversity & Inclusion, among others.

Shelley Walker was unable to attend due to an illness.  She is the CEO of non-profit Women’s Trucking Federation of Canada.  She has 30 years of experience supporting the Transportation/Trucking industry as an award-winning reputable and respected leader, spokesperson and professional driver.

Webinar Recap

Our "Recruiting for Diversity" panelists share their knowledge from leading HR best practices to boots-on-the-ground experiences and perspectives from multiple industries to help you address these critically-important questions in your own business.

All are welcome parts of teams in the aggregate, concrete, cement & masonry teams. But how do we ensure that our recruiting, hiring, & retention approaches are truly supportive of diversity and inclusion? And how do we change the perception of the employee face of our collective industries?

Webinar Recording



Jamie McMillan, Founder
Kick Ass Careers

About Jamie

Jamie is the founder of KickAss Careers, Motivational Speaker, Author, Visionary & Advocate for Skilled Trades.

Jamie became an ironworker in 2002 when women only represented 2% of the workforce across Canada and the United States. She thoroughly understands the struggles and challenges of working in a male-dominated workforce and is on a mission to break down the negative misconceptions and stereotypes.

Through KickAss Careers Jamies travels approximately 30 weeks a year providing engaging keynote presentations and workshops to more than 50,000 students, parents, educators and employers each year across North America. Her efforts have gained international notoriety for opening doors and minds to the possibilities of well-paid careers in skilled trades and technology sectors.

Over the years Jamie has received the Top 20 Under 40 Award for making an impact in the metal trades, the Ontario Youth Apprenticeship Program Champion Award and the District School Board of Niagara Technology Education Partnership Award for her commitment to youth in schools across the province of Ontario. In 2018 she received the Hamilton YWCA Women of Distinction Award for being a trailblazer excelling in her field promoting leadership and equal advancement opportunities. In 2019 Jamie was named a co-chair of a National Skilled Trades Advisory Committee to create a campaign to promote careers in skilled trades as first choice pathways for youth for the Canadian Federal Government by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

Webinar Recap

Jaime talks about her experiences at an early age searching for a career and how she was introduced to the trades.  She shares ways to authentically Engage, Educate and Encourage students of all ages to consider the vast opportunities for sustainable careers in skilled trades through apprenticeship and technical programs.


Website: www.kickasscareers.ca

Email Jamie

Webinar Recording:



James Meronyk, Grant Program Advisor
Ministry of Jobs, Economy and Northern Development of the Government of Alberta

Emeric Zanetto, Project Manager
Canada Job Bank’s partnership team at Employment and Social Development Canada

About James

James Meronyk is a Grant Program Advisor in the Ministry of Jobs, Economy and Northern Development of the Government of Alberta (GOA).  In his current role, James helps to deliver the Canada-Alberta Job Grant program.  James has over fifteen years of experience working in grant programs related to educational training.

About Emeric

Emeric Zanetto has been a Project Manager with the Job Bank’s partnership team at Employment and Social Development Canada for over 6 years. He is responsible for collaborating with internal and external partners of Job Bank and optimizing the user experience for employers and job seekers.

What You'll Learn

James Meronyk, Grant Program Advisor in the Ministry of Jobs, Economy and Northern Development of the Government of Alberta will provide an overview of the Canada Alberta Job Grant and offer guidance on the program’s intent, eligibility criteria and application process including an overview of the application for unemployed trainees.  Please note, that the eligibility criteria mentioned in the webinar is valid for the recorded date. Be sure to check with the program to ensure that the eligibility criteria has not changed.

Emeric Zanetto, Project Manager with Canada Job Bank’s partnership team at Employment and Social Development Canada will highlight the benefits of Job Bank for employers and highlight features such as job matching with qualified job seekers and how ads are available across other job boards like Indeed. There will also be a review of labour market information and support pages to help with recruiting.


Canada-Alberta Job Grant Website: www.alberta.ca/CAJG

Canada's Job Bank Website: www.ab.jobbank.gc.ca

Webinar Recording


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