Concrete Pavement Interventions

Concrete Alberta, in association with Alberta Transportation, have assembled key resources for guidelines and best practices critical to concrete pavement maintenance, preservation and rehabilitation.  

Concrete Pavement Maintenance

Maintenance Activities are low-cost reactive activities completed by Operational Departments (as part of a maintenance program) with the intended purpose to address observed pavement distress or deficiencies, improve safety or reduce the rate of distress deterioration.

Click on the links below to learn more about the maintenance activities considered appropriate for rigid pavements:

Joint & Crack Sealing

Partial Depth Repairs

Cross Stitching 

Diamond Grinding / Grooving

Sub Sealing & Slab Jacking

Concrete Pavement Preservation

Preservation Treatments are proactive, non-structural treatments intended to extend the service life of the pavement by addressing functional surface distresses before they progress into structural issues. Although some preservation treatments may increase the structural pavement capacity, the primary purpose of applying these treatments is to reduce or defer the propagation of the pavement distresses.

Click on the links below to learn more about the preservation treatments considered appropriate for rigid pavements:

Joint Resealing

Dowel Bar Retrofit

Full-Depth Repair

Diamond Grinding / Grooving

Concrete Pavement Rehabilitation

Rehabilitation Strategies are improvements made to an existing pavement section where the condition of the pavement has deteriorated to the extent that pavement preservation treatments are no longer effective. These strategies improve the structural strength of existing pavements, remove surface distresses, while reducing the impact of structural distresses caused by repeated loadings or loss of support. These strategies include pavement reconstruction or new pavement construction options.

Click on the links below to learn more about the rehabilitation strategies considered appropriate for rigid pavements:

Bonded Concrete Overlay (White Topping)

Unbonded Concrete Overlay

Concrete Pavement - New Construction