Residential Concrete

As a homeowner, you may be thinking about adding a new concrete feature, repairing existing concrete or maintaining the concrete in your home.  There are a number of important procedures we recommend to ensure you get a quality finished product.  As well, knowing what's covered under your home warranty. 

Concrete Maintenance

Your new home features a driveway, walkway or garage slab so it’s time to think about properly maintaining the concrete so you can extend its life and beauty.  Visit this link for tips on maintenance and sealing your homes concrete:

Residential Concrete Maintenance


In winter, keep your concrete in great shape by avoiding use of chemicals and salts. These products can catalyze freeze/thaw damage, which results in the flaking or scaling of your concrete. Visit the below link for recommendations on products to avoid, prevention and more:

De-Icing Practices

Sealing Concrete

For standard plain concrete driveways and walkways, Concrete Alberta recommends proper sealing of the surface with a penetrating sealer, click the link below to learn more:

Sealing Concrete

Removing Stains on Concrete

The major reasons for removing stains or cleaning concrete surfaces are either to improve the surface appearance or to prepare the surface for a treatment.  Visit the link below for more: 

Removing Stains on Concrete 

New Home Warranty Programs

When it comes to the repair, rehabilitation and maintenance of the concrete in your home, there are a number of important things to note, one of them being what is covered under your new home warranty. Please use the provided links to find out more about coverage, roles and the warranty process.

Residential Protection Program

The Residential Protection Program administers the New Home Buyer Protection Act including mandatory new home warranty and builder licensing requirements. 

Alberta Government Residential Protection Program