Bonded Concrete Overlay

Concrete Pavement Rehabilitation

Bonded Concrete Overlay (White Topping) is a pavement maintenance and rehabilitation strategy in which a concrete overlay resurfaces distressed asphalt pavement. Bonded concrete overlay typically involves 50 to 100mm of concrete bonded to the underlying prepared asphalt surface.

The concrete provides a durable, non-rutting surface that easily handles compressive stresses while tensile stresses are reduced due to the underlying asphalt. The rough asphalt surface texture, and freshly fractured aggregates left after milling, provides a good surface to which concrete can bond. The concrete is placed directly onto the clean, dust free milled surface. If jointing of the overlay is necessary, panel size may range from 0.6m to 1.8m depending on the thickness of the bonded concrete overlay.

Recommended for existing pavement, rehabilitation of flexible pavements with rutting and heavy truck traffic areas. 

Why use to Bonded Concrete Overlays:

  • No rutting
  • Reduced chance of hydroplaning
  • No potholes
  • Eliminates shoving or movement of traffic loop detectors, leading to longer life
  • A light reflective surface increases visibility.
  • Various durable surface textures may be used.  

Estimated Service Life: 20 Year Design