Residential Concrete Maintenance

Concrete Maintenance

Your new home features a concrete driveway, walkway or garage slab which means it’s time to think about properly maintaining the concrete so you can extend its life and beauty.

Maintenance Checklist

Concrete Alberta highly recommends the following to maintain a quality concrete surface for many years:

  • Clean the surface of the concrete at least once per year in the summer to remove normal dirt and grime build up and to remove rust or other stains.
  • Keep surface clear of snow and ice in the winter.
  • Avoid products such as salt, calcium chloride, de-icing chemicals and fertilizers.
  • Use high-quality traction sand to prevent slips.
  • Repair cracks in the concrete to maintain a structurally sound surface and to minimize water intrusion. Not repairing the cracks can cause problems with the sub grade.
  • Seal joints to minimize or eliminate water intrusion and to help prevent dirt from collecting in the joints where weeds may grow.

Sealing Your Concrete

Seal concrete with a high quality water repellent silane siloxane penetrating sealer no sooner than 28 days after concrete is placed and reseal as per the sealer manufacturers directions. This will help increase the life and quality of the concrete.

Surface prep before applying a sealer should follow manufacturers suggestions and be compatible with the method and type of curing that was applied initially. For best results use a contractor with extensive experience sealing concrete.

The most common concern brought to us by homeowners over the last 10 years in relation to exterior concrete flatwork is the spalling or scaling of the surface of the concrete. When left untreated, this can greatly reduce the life of concrete. The implementation of a silane penetrating concrete sealer combined with education for the homeowners about proper maintenance procedures for the concrete surface has essentially eliminated warranty claims in this regard over the last 4-5 years.

~ Chad Krieger, Master Craftsman Warranty


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