AGM & Convention Golf Tournament - 2024

Concrete Alberta's Annual Golf Tournament was held at the Jasper Park Lodge Golf Club on Friday, May 10, 2024 as part of the AGM & Convention. 

Thank you to all the generous sponsors for making this portion of the event possible and congratulations to the winners! 

1st Place - Troy Hawes, Dean Hudye, Matt Kidd, Kelly Neilands
2nd - Glen Furtado, Ron Glen, Murray Yewchuk, Peter Anderson
3rd - Adam Creelman, Chris Bailey, Scott Kish, Cody Elliott
4th - Merle Fieldhouse, Arlene Fieldhouse, Curtis Bouteiller, Dru Bouteiller
5th - Kevin Kuklisin, Debbie Kuklisin, Bill Corradetti, Mary-Jane Corradetti
6th - Darren Cunningham, Tyler Callaghan, Brent Smith, Dan Bentz
Most Honest - Lorne Hanson, Wil Fedirko, Brent Snell, Thane Hurlburt

Hole 1- Longest Drive Ladies - Tara Hunt
Hole 3 - Closest to the Bell (All) - Ron Glen
Hole 4 - Closest to Pin (All) - Jim Eisenkrein
Hole 6 - Longest Putt (All) - Ivan Moreno
Hole 7 - Longest Putt (All) - Norm Kuntz
Hole 9 - Closest to Pin (All) - Kelly Hines
Hole 11 - Men’s Longest Drive - Bill Corradetti
Hole 13 - Ladies Longest Drive - Dru Bouteiller
Hole 13 - Men’s Longest Drive - Scott Kish
Hole 15 - Closest to Pin (All) - Arlene Fieldhouse
Hole 16 - Ball in Water (All) - Shane Evans
Hole 17 - Longest Putt (All) - Tyler Callaghan


Golf Hole Sponsors