Don't Compromise Your Concrete

De-icing salts and chemicals can cause lasting damage.

In winter, keep your concrete in great shape by avoiding use of chemicals and salts. These products can catalyze freeze/thaw damage, which results in the flaking or scaling of your concrete.

Concrete that is less than a year old is especially vulnerable to this damage.  Watch for the snowy buildup that collects on your car and on your concrete from the street plowing. As this contaminated snow melts, the commercial chemicals used on roadways make contact with your concrete and over time can cause serious damage. 

Products to Avoid

  • Salts
  • Calcium Chloride
  • Anti-icing/De-icing Chemicals
  • Fertilizers

The Safe Alternative 

Concrete Alberta recommends the use of high-quality traction sand on
exterior driveways and walkways to prevent slips, trips and falls.


You play an active role in preserving your investment through regular maintenance and protection of your concrete. In order to maintain the look and integrity of your concrete long-term, Concrete Alberta recommends proper sealing of the concrete surface with a Silane penetrating sealer.

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