Concrete Alberta Plant Certification Auditor Qualification and Producer Orientation Program Exam

You are required to complete a short examination of the key takeaways that you should have acquired from completing this process in order to qualify to administer (in the case of the auditor) or to received (in the case of the producer) plant certification from Concrete Alberta.

Following the successful completion of the examination, a certificate of completion will be issued to you.

Avoid contact with skin whenever possible and wash exposed skin areas promptly with water. If any cement or cement mixtures get into the eyes, rinse immediately and repeatedly with water and get prompt medical attention. Keep children away from cement powder and all freshly mixed cement products.

The certifying engineer is responsible for certifying that the “plant” has been inspected and meets the audit requirements of conformance as of the date of inspection. The ready-mixed supplier is responsible to maintain the facility in accordance with the Audit and Check List requirements at all times.