ACI CSA Standards Concrete Field Testing Technician Certification

Program Description (2 Day Program)

The ACI CSA Standards Concrete Field Testing Technician Certification Program has been developed for the purpose of certifying concrete testing technicians who have demonstrated the knowledge and ability to perform, properly, the basic field tests on plastic concrete. With ever growing prevalence of the use of Self Consolidating Concrete (SCC) in the field, this newly revised certification program now includes the test standard CSA A23.2-19C slump flow of concrete.

Certification of field test personnel by CSA International, Canadian Council of Independent Laboratories (CCIL) or the ACI Concrete Field Testing Technician Grade 1 (Newly revised and renamed ACI CSA Standards Concrete Field Testing Technician) Certification Program is a requirement of the CSA standard for concrete A23.1 Concrete materials and methods of concrete construction published by Canadian Standards Association (CSA).

Please Note: This is not a training course, it is a certification program. Prior testing experience is required. Please be sure to study the workbook thoroughly prior to the virtual review session and exams!

The Review Session will be scheduled on the morning of the first day. Though this part is not normally compulsory to attend, it will be for this session so that everyone is very clear on all of the required procedures that will need to be maintained to complete the Written and Performance exams in a safe manner.

The Test Methods Practice Session will be held in the afternoon of the first day at a location TBD. If weather permits, we will conduct the session out of doors. 

The Written exam will be held on the morning of the second day. Please be sure to bring your own HB pencil and eraser as well as a calculator. Cell phones are not permitted for use in ACI written exams. No food or drink will be provided. You may bring a bottle of water (please take any empty bottles with you when you leave).

The Performance Exam will follow the same day. If weather permits, we will conduct the session outdoors. More details will be provided before the Performance Exam.

PPE will be the responsibility of the participant though there will be a very limited supply of extra gloves should yours become inoperable at the time of the performance exam.