CCPO Certification Field Assessor


The Certified Concrete Pump Operator (CCPO) certification program was built by industry and safety professionals to ensure holders of the certification are operating to a standard of high competence – one of safety, environmental consideration, and value. Those who hold this certification have demonstrated theoretical knowledge of concrete pump operations and they have shown they can apply this knowledge by working competently in the field.

In British Columbia, WorkSafeBC approved mandatory certification for concrete pump operators on December 1, 2021. All pump operators in BC will require a valid certification by January 1, 2024, to operate a pump in the province. The regulation also applies to contractors and operators from out of province working on British Columbia jobsites.


The BC Construction Safety Alliance (BCCSA), administrator of the CCPO program in British Columbia, is expanding the program into Alberta and looking for qualified, experienced, and competent concrete pump operators to join our team of CCPO Certification Field Assessors. Under the CCPO Program, to become certified as a competent concrete pump operator, candidates are required to complete both a written and practical examination. CCPO Certification Assessors administer the practical examinations (competency assessments) on active jobsites for CCPO pump operator candidates.

You may be a good fit for this role if:

  • You are a retired or semi-retired pump operator with experience on multiple types of pumps, including:
    • Truck mounted boom pumps – Over 41m
    • High-pressure line pumps
    • Tower Placing Booms
  • You have previously held training, management, and/or quality assurance roles in the past with respect to concrete pumping operations
  • You are interested in safeguarding Alberta jobsites and workers by ensuring concrete pump operators are performing to a regulated and proven standard of competency Applicants will ultimately be familiar with current concrete pump standards, such as the CSA-Z151-17 and applicable local health and safety regulation. Familiarity with the ISO 17024:2012 standard, and the CCPO program policies and procedures is considered an asset.

This is a nationally recognized certification, meaning it is recognized throughout Canada.


Those interested in applying to become CCPO Assessors will be selected by the CCPO Program Director to conduct a preliminary candidate interview. Successful interviewees will be invited to

complete the onboarding procedure, which is a 3-step process involving in-field observation, co-assessment with a qualified CCPO Assessor, and observed solo-assessments.

Assessors are contracted directly to the BCCSA and are subject to the formal interview and onboarding process briefly described above. At this time, assessment work is available intermittently – the role of assessor is best suited to those with flexible employment, or those retired from the industry looking to supplement their income. Over time demand may increase to a more a regular schedule. Interested parties may contact the BCCSA directly, with attention to:

Ammar Kavazovic, Director, Programs & Initiatives

For more information on the Certified Concrete Pump Operator program, please visit