ACI Self Consolidating Concrete Testing Technician Certification

Program Description (2 Day Program)

Self-Consolidating Concrete (SCC) has become an everyday type of concrete, regularly used in precast yards and for cast in place projects. Over the last decade, ASTM committees have developed standard test methods used to measure the fresh properties of their material.  Some members of both ASTM committees and ACI Committee 237-Self Consolidating Concrete requested a certification program be developed to ensure proper and uniform testing of this important and highly utilized type of concrete.

The ACI certification program for Self-Consolidating Concrete Testing Technician was developed to certify those individuals that possess the technical knowledge and skills to properly perform each of the required tests. The program content was developed by industry support and participation in a survey in which individuals contributed to the level of knowledge deemed necessary for this program.
This SCC program covers five ASTM test methods. Two of the test methods evaluate the flow characteristics of self-consolidating concrete. The slump flow test evaluates the flowing and filling ability or potential of an SCC mix, while the J-Ring test evaluates the passing ability of an SCC mix. Two other test methods evaluate the segregation characteristics of the mix, which is an extremely important property with SCC.  One is a rapid method using a penetration apparatus on a properly prepared sample of SCC and the second is a more involved method, typically referred to as the column test.

The workbook describes the operation of the ACI certification program and provides the appropriate ASTM standards, study questions, performance checklists, and other study material and directions necessary to prepare for the examination.

CSA A23.1 states that all field sampling and test procedures undertaken to assess concrete quality shall be carried out in a accordance with the requirements of CSA A23.2 by personnel certified under an industry recognized program such as CSA A283 or CAN/CSA-ISO 9001 with equivalent scope to CSA A283; or ACI CSA Standards Field Testing Technician (formerly ACI Concrete Field Testing Technician Grade 1). This also is a baseline requirement for any technicians testing concrete in a precast facility certified under CPCQA.

As of July 1st, 2024, any technicians testing self consolidating concrete produced at a certified precast facility must also be certified under the ACI Self Consolidating Concrete Testing Technician Certification Program.

As the local sponsor group for ACI International, Concrete Alberta is proud to bring this program to Western Canada

Please Note: This is not a training course, it is a certification program. Prior testing experience is required. Please be sure to study the workbook thoroughly prior to the review session and exams!

The Review Session will be held on the morning of the first day (see above). All participants must attend so that everyone is very clear on all of the required procedures that will need to be maintained to complete the Written and Performance Exams successfully and in a safe manner.

The Test Methods Practice Session will be held in the afternoon of the first day at the location noted above. 

The Written Exam will be held on the morning of the second day at the location noted above. Please be sure to bring your own HB pencil and eraser as well as a calculator. Cell phones are not permitted for use in ACI written exams. No food or drink will be provided. You may bring a bottle of water (please take any empty bottles with you when you leave).

The Performance Exam will follow the written exam on the same day at the time and the location noted above.

PPE will be the responsibility of the participant. Required PPE include safety boots or shoes that can withstand exposure to concrete, safety glasses,  long pants and long-sleeved shirts, Hi Viz Vests or High Vis Coveralls, hard hats and gloves.
There will be a very limited supply of extra disposable gloves should yours become inoperable at the time of the performance exam. Face masks are optional. You must bring a piece of government issued photo identification either a valid driver’s license or valid passport.

Program Fees

Members: $835.00 + GST
Non Members: $985.00 + GST

*No refunds.  Substitutions are allowed.

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